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Our vision is to expand our educational impact in Liberia exponentially. We are seeking to partner with more people who are committed to creating a safe, stable, and strong Liberia for the 21st Century.

Volunteer Opportunities

L C M Volunteer Mission Partnership Opportunities

The Lott Carey Baptist Mission Schools, in its program of rehabilitation/renovation of its campuses (main campus in Brewerville and outstation campus in Bamboo Town, Gbapolu County), highly appreciates and welcome volunteer mission team. The task of rebuilding of the Lott Carey schools is enormous and we will need support both local and foreign. Our facilities and buildings, during the civil war years, suffered major structural damages, minimal repairs, and some buildings even destroyed. Our academic program also needs enhancement.

We therefore endeavor to encourage partnerships through churches, associations, institutions and organizations who have a vision to ensure that children be provided with the best quality of education (nursery to secondary) and a passion for missions to work alongside us even as we build a wholesome, nurturing, safe learning environment.

These are some of the opportunities available for volunteer mission teams to consider:

Academic Program – Professional Development Training for teachers in areas of teaching methodologies and content areas.

  • Volunteers will to come and work with our teachers in workshops/seminars (1 to 2 weeks);

  • volunteer teachers (all levels) willing to come and spend between 2 weeks and up to a semester teaching classes;

  • team-teach with LCM teachers, help review and evaluate our present academic program for improvement. (Areas of need English/Language Arts, Math, Sciences, Life sciences, Music and creative arts program, Library specialist);

  • Develop a teacher exchange program that may afford our teachers the opportunity for short/long term study aboard programs with educational related institutions, thus improving the skills of our academic staff;

  • develop partnerships with other schools to facilitate student exchange program that will expose students and offer them life-changing opportunities;

  • revamping and equipping of the our school agricultural program to teach students basis agricultural life skills as well produce crops for school’s feeding program and as incoming generating program. 

  • Also there is the need to provide school supplies (spiral notebooks, composition copybooks, pens, pencils, crayons), backpacks, rain ponchos’ and or raincoats for students; and there is our

  • scholarship program which affords students of impoverished families the opportunity for the very best education in Liberia.  $365.00 (a dollar a day) will provide a full year’s tuition, set of uniforms and school supplies for students at LCM.

Construction/Renovation Program – Many of our buildings are old and in need of constant repairs/renovation. We need to provide adequate and functional academic spaces for our students; repair/renovate/equip our dinning hall (presently used for classroom spaces) to enable us institute a nutritional feeding program for our students; complete construction of an unfinished 4-classroom building; renovate/furnish and equip science labs; renovate and equip our home economics classes; construction of a play area for our pre-primary division; renovation of the basketball court (including new backboards and goals)as well as volleyball court. We also hope, as resources become available, to be able to fence in and secure the school’s physical property (29 acres) which is now vulnerable to encroachment, property theft and pilferage.

Medical Program – there are many and various medical needs among our student population, their families, school employees and staff and the community. We envisage developing, equipping and staffing our clinic to serve as a community clinic to provide adequate and reasonable medical services.  Thus the need for medical doctors (physicians, dentists, internists, pediatricians, Nurse practitioners, nurses, etc  who can come as time permits and provide these services as a ministry.

Technology Program – To provide and equip our schools with computers which facilitates and enhances learning on all levels. Through this program to provide computer literacy skills to students and employees as well as internet connectivity through the administrative offices, library, and teacher’s lounge. This will enable our students and staff to do research, explore and be connected to our global world.

Recreational Program – To develop, organize and effectively implement a very robust recreational/extracurricular program (afterschool, weekends, and during the annual vacation) to ensure that students and children in the community are engaged in creative activities that build strong character, scholarship and sportsmanship.