Liberia 365
Our vision is to expand our educational impact in Liberia exponentially. We are seeking to partner with more people who are committed to creating a safe, stable, and strong Liberia for the 21st Century.


Investment in Education We are committed to helping rebuild the educational system in Liberia. We are convinced that quality education will contribute to a safe and stable future for the country and the region. We have demonstrated our commitment to education in Liberia in various ways. We have sustained schools in Liberia for a century. In addition to providing sustained financial support approaching $400,000 per year, we are restoring damaged buildings, we have completed one new four-room school block with a principal’s office and teachers’ lounge, and we will complete a second new four-room school block with six toilets by the end of 2008. We provide professional development training annually to address early childhood education, primary education (1 – 4), reading strategies across grade levels, effective classroom management, and teaching and assessment for various learning styles. We have also included teachers in the area who do not teach at LCM. We have recently provided shipments of new instructional supplies whose value exceeds $250,000 utilized by school systems in Virginia and Maryland. Further, we are working developing a bank teller certification program using American Banking Association training material that will strengthen the capacity of graduates and adult students to provide high quality and ethical customer service in the financial services market.

Lott Carey Baptist Missionary School faces many challenges as the entire country continues the slow progress of recovery after civil-unrest. Our needs are many which offers vast opportunities for those seeking to support our mission to give. Both the Brewerville and Bopulu campuses are in need of repairs, resources and new equipment. Maintaining the campuses is difficult due to poorly operating maintenance equipment and the resources needed to obtain parts for repairs. We are also in need of fencing at both campuses to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff. OUR NEEDS ARE GREAT Due to our current circumstance, our needs are great. To continue successfully providing a high standard of education, we are reaching out to contributors both large and small. Every department of our school is in need of important educational resources and we are seeking those willing to help. The Agriculture department which is so vital to providing students vocational skills training was seriously damaged during the civil conflict. We recognize that agriculture training is so important to our nation’s recovery. But without the proper educational resources for teaching this subject, students are unable to receive the thorough training needed to contribute to the cultivation of the land around us. During the civil-unrest, equipment and supplies were looted and destroyed. As a result there is an urgent need to restore and replace damaged and lost equipment. In the Science and Mathematic areas, we lack laboratory facilities and textbooks. These are desperately needed to offer students the educational experiences that ensure high marks and outstanding performance. Currently, Computer Science is only being offered to junior and seniors due to the destruction of both software and hardware computer equipment. It’s important that our students have these resources so that they are prepared to communicate and compete not just in our nation but globally. Connecting to the rest of the world through computer technology is important to the progress of our nation. The earlier students are exposed to computers and begin acquiring computer skills, the more prepared Liberian children will be to participate in the global society. Therefore, we hope to one day increase the number of students taking this important subject but to do so, we must obtain the resources for acquiring additional computers. Also, we are in need of equipment in our Home Economics department. However, despite the lack of equipment and resources, our students work hard and are doing well. We are praying to one day be able to utilize land in Bopolu. This huge acreage of land offers many potential educational opportunities. WE NEED YOUR HELP Despite major progress in recovering since the ending of our nation’s civil unrest, we continue to have many needs. To fully recover and fulfill our dreams for providing a well-rounded Christian education to our students and jobs for the hundreds of citizens needing employment to sustain, we seek the help of contributors and funders. A contribution to the Lott Carey Baptist Missionary School is an investment in the future of Liberia. We are thankful to God for his manifold blessings and amazing grace which gives us hope and sustains our faith that our mission of service will continue. We pray that the hundreds of potential sponsors and contributors will assess our wide range of needs and identify ways of supporting our mission through gifts large or small. Each financial contribution or gift is appreciated and will be used to educate the children of Liberia so that they, in return will contribute to building our nation.