Liberia 365
Our vision is to expand our educational impact in Liberia exponentially. We are seeking to partner with more people who are committed to creating a safe, stable, and strong Liberia for the 21st Century.


Since its founding in 1908, Lott Carey Missionary Baptist School has offered an education to students in grades K-12 that surpasses educational standards in the Republic of Liberia. We help students develop character through a Christian-based academic curriculum that instils the faith-based values that they will need to become future leaders and good citizens in a democratic society. Beginning in kindergarten and on through graduation, students are nurtured in an environment deeply rooted in the principles and teachings of Christ. Over the years Lott Carey Missionary Baptist School has maintained a standard of excellence in academics and discipline that has lead to achieving the reputation of being one of the best institutions in the country. Now as our educational mission broadens to include providing for the special needs of ex-children soldiers, we remain steadfast to our commitment of maintaining high standards, despite the academic and emotional challenges ahead. Our faith in God and belief in His Divine guidance strengthens our conviction to helping bring our country closer to national reconciliation and healing by making education accessible to any child who desires to learn. We know that the future of this Republic depends heavily on improving the intellectual standards of Liberia and giving every child a chance at obtaining an education. In doing so, we also know that the strong values and beliefs acquired while studying at Lott Carey give our students the necessary tools for helping to bring about a change in our country’s socio-economic standard. Enrolling your child in Lott Carey Missionary Baptist School is the first step in assuring that your son or daughter receives the best education possible. The training and guidance your child will receive while in our care will prepare him or her for a life of service to mankind, service to our nation and foremost, service to God Almighty.