Liberia 365
Our vision is to expand our educational impact in Liberia exponentially. We are seeking to partner with more people who are committed to creating a safe, stable, and strong Liberia for the 21st Century.


Lott Carey Missionary Baptist School’s two campuses are located in Brewerville and in in Bopolu. Students graduating from Lott Carey excel on the West African Examination each year. We look forward to students taking the recently introduced primary tests, to perform equally as well. In past years, student test score qualified the majority of our graduates to enter any college of their choice in West Africa. Nearly 1,000 students and employees are served by Lott Carey Missionary Baptist School for the 2009 – 2010 academic year. An education at Lott Carey also includes engaging in a variety of educational enrichment experiences in order so that children graduate with a well-rounded education. In addition to general education classes, students participate in classes designed to enhance their spiritual growth and cultural and civic awareness. Students participate in activities such as: the Black History Month Debate sponsored by the U. S. Embassy, Arts competition sponsored by CELLCOM, Sporting activities, and reconstruction programs. These enrichment programs coupled with discipline and strong Christian faith-based academics has been especially key to the education of our ex-combatant students. The Brewerville location hopes to develope a Junior College level or model secondary school which will offer vocational skills training. We have also added an HIV/AIDS curriculum to teach prevention and control of this deadly disease. Lott Carey also provides opportunities for students to participate in athletics. Students from Lott Carey have won numerous sports awards and we continue to encourage participation in competitions.