Liberia 365
Our vision is to expand our educational impact in Liberia exponentially. We are seeking to partner with more people who are committed to creating a safe, stable, and strong Liberia for the 21st Century.


Welcome to the Lott Carey Mission School!

Since its founding in 1908, Lott Carey Missionary Baptist School has offered an education to students in grades K-12 that surpasses educational standards in the Republic of Liberia. We help students develop character through a Christian-based academic curriculum that instils the faith-based values that they will need to become future leaders and good citizens in a democratic society.


The mission of Lott Carey Mission School is to provide high quality education in a nurturing, caring, and learning environment.


We value our heritage as a Christian institution of education. We value our emphasis on academic excellence.We value our commitment to being a learning community where teachers and students grow together.


Education is a key component for the security and well being of a community and a country. Helping to prepare the minds and hearts of new generations of Liberians for leadership and contribution is our goal. We have educated children in Liberia since 1908, and we will continue to do so effectively throughout the 21st Century. Our commitment to education for girls as well as special literacy programs for adults who have not had the opportunity for quality formal education further extends our reach and influence. We believe in a prosperous future for Liberia. We have been a part of the best of the country in the past, and we intend to be part of realizing that goal for the future.